New for 2020 – Social Distancing Cafe Barriers

Our social distancing cafe barriers help establish your business as a designated area for outdoor or indoor eating and drinking.

With customised branding and high quality materials our social distancing cafe barriers not only look the part, they help your business maintain social distancing guidelines thanks to their portability and dynamic nature, being easily moved and safely located in various configurations.

Whether you run a cafe, restaurant, bistro or simply a business with outdoor seating, our barriers help to ensure social distancing guidelines in a positive, friendly way—without the need for big yellow/hazard signs which can make the establishment feel less approachable.

With pub and bar patronage affected heavily by the new regulations, it’s more important than ever to ensure your establishment is approachable and safe, our cafe barriers help to set boundaries in a clear and unobtrusive manner, and even include the establishments branding too, to further convey professionalism.

If you’re interested in our social distancing cafe barriers, or branded cafe barriers in general, head over to our contact page.